Okay, so I'm looking around for amps... again. I thought there was a chance I'd get a ValveKing. Instead I got an ME-50, and it's amazing!

I'm still using a Marshall MG15DFX, however. I need a new amp. My Marshall is starting to die on me... it's about 3 years old. And it's not loud enough for a gig or band practice.

I was thinking of getting a Carvin SX200, because I hear Carvin is a good company, and it's also within my price range, and I want a 212 100W amp. My price range is $300 max. I want a solid state amp that does not have DSP effects, because I already have an ME-50 for all effects. I don't care about the distortion channels, either. I need a 100W amp, with 2 12-inch speakers. Or possibly, two 50W amps each with 1 12-inch speaker that I can purchase for $300 so I can have stereo sound.
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why not just get a 50watt solid state with 2 speakers... cheaper and in all honesty, no one who wants to keep their hearing should be using a 100watt amp... unless u enjoy the loss of your hearing.
Agreed. You do not need a 100-Watt amp. They're only really for places that host gigs, IMO. 50 Watts is more than loud enough for jamming with drums - even some of Vox's 15 Watters can go very loud, like the AC-15 or Pathfinder are much louder than most 15 watts. Go with a 50, though. For $300, you'll almost definitely be able to pick up a 100 watt amp though - a crappy second hand one done by some cheap manufacturer. Good amps are expensive. Not sure on Carvins. I think looking at the Vox modelling amps might be a good idea.