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Do you really need a Rack? Would a floor unit do? The Vox Tonelab is meant to be fantastic. Don't know if it's available in Rack or not though.
your link points to the new thread button. The TC GMajor is very popular for a midrange rack fx unit. You can get them used for around $250-300USD, $400 new. Very good sounding unit for the price IMO, I own one, and have been very happy with it. The next jump up in quality is pretty pricey.
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TC G major!

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Hahaha, great link!

Try a TC Electronics G-Major, whole load of really nice affects wrapped up in an awesome rack unit, bit expensive but great sound, wont colour your tone (apart from when you want it to)
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The G Major would seem to be a popular choice. Pretty sure it's what John Petrucci uses, actually.
Cool right on the G major cool but I am bored with the unit had it for zears need something
diffrent! But thanks again!