$500 shipped in lower 48 US states. Perfect condition. Abalone inlays and binding. Quilted maple top. Mahogany body. Grover tuners. EMG Zakk Wylde 81/85 pickups.

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damn...that thing is beautiful...too bad i'm a poor college student..
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I'll trade you a BC Rich beast and a Rage 158 peavey amp for it. The Beast comes with a hardcase.

In my dreams lol...
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Not really looking for trades. It would have to be something pretty special.

Price is $500 shipped......so, shipping to 99645........$500 shipped.
-dreams of that guitar every night- if only if only.
i hope you sell it man
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you guys keep getting this excited over it and you might end up convincing me too keep it.
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I've got $350

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So do I.

Pwned! hahaha

Thats a really nice guitar =O
$500 shipped to uk ? =D haha
i dont even know how much that is in pounds
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Eh, seemed like a fair offer. These weren't really expensive guitars.

Quit buying stuff gunther!

It really is a nice guitar, but it seems like the body woods are never good on kramers
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