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I see threads about this time to time but i think people lie and try to out do other people. Truthfully how long do you play?
I only play about 1 or 2 hours if i get time, but most nights i only play about an hour because i get ****e loads of hw
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about 2 hours a night. a poll?
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I just play when I feel like playing. Sometimes a few hours, sometimes half an hour (even sometimes not at all). I guess I should practice more to get better, but meh, I don't mind.
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5-10 hours a day, during weekends and vacation, it's more like 8-12hours. I love the guitar:P

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I just play when I feel like playing. Sometimes a few hours, sometimes half an hour (even sometimes not at all). I guess I should practice more to get better, but meh, I don't mind.

thats what i do

although i have no time to do anything else, cos i work like a slave, which funds my guitaring, so its hard man
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I feel bad if I don't play for extended periods, average I would say about 2-3 hours per day. This week I've barley touched it due to an essay so i've got some catching up to do!
Perhaps three hours a day. On days I'm exceptionally busy I compact my practice time to about an hour, while still getting the most actual practice (not just noodling) in.
i used to do probably about 4-5 hours at first, but i work full time and have a girlfriend now so its more like 1-2 hours
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I play anywhere from 5 minutes to 3 hours a day, after 3 hours I start to hurt and I cant understand how anyone plays 12 Hours a day that would kill my wrist and fingers. Im in school so I dont have that much time to play.
3-6 hours a day depending on hwk and other stuff, sometimes more, and no it doesnt hurt at all... and of course with breaks in between.
i play one hour between hws (about 3 home works a day)..thats about 3 hours..?
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I'm not that dedicated to getting better. I play when i feel like playing. Usually i play for about 1 hour a day. If i am feeling inspired or have some decent songs to practice i could be playing it for hours.

I play the guitar to have fun, if i don't feel like playing it, i won't, no point in forcing it.
3-4 hours a night

5-6 on weekends

depends on holidays
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I Don't believe the guys who say they practice more than 4,5 hours a day, every day...
Except for maybe the unemployed... but other than that everyone with a job/school can't keep up with a schedule like that; let me demonstrate:

Suppose you get home by 4, practice 4 hours so now it's 8 PM then you eat (9PM) , bathe/shower etc. 9.30. On average we spend one half hour a day on the can too. That leaves us with 10 PM. Now sleeping time on average is later than 10PM but amongst teenagers, but it's generally 10PM for other people...makes sense if you have to get up at 6.30 (meaning 8.30 hours of sleep) to shower for work/school so you can eat, 7 AM, you leave for school at 7.30 so you get to school at 8AM. (This implies no homework though, although you could squeeze it somewhere in there...)

I can hardly imagine people playing more than 6 hours a day every day, for a long period of time, which is a lot though...

I think the healthiest amount is between 1 hour and 3 to 4 hours each day...
I play between 3 and 6 hours a day...I'm on a full time music performance course at college so I need to practice a lot to keep my playin up to scratch
At least 2 of those hours are serious practice of scales and rock school pieces etc, whatever eelse is playing other people stuff and writing stuff. Also, rehearsing for the gig I have coming up...I'm a bit bored of those songs now though
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I've average about an hour each weekday and 2 hours or more per day on the weekend.
3-4 hours on normal days. 6-12 hours in weekends, if I'm togheter with anyone but myself :p
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I practice around 2/3 hours a day; more on weekends, especially at band practice on Sundays. I'd love to play more in all honesty, but work, driving lessons, art and all sorts of things need time too : <
about 2-5 hours on schoolnights.
anywhere between 0 and 7 hours on weekends depending if i have something else to do
Um...during the week, I'd say anywhere between 1-3 1/2 hours a day. don't have loads of time on my hands.

During the weekend, anywhere between 4/5-10 hours a day. Depending on what I'm doing.
Stop worrying about how long you play for, it just takes the fun away by saying "Ok, I'll play for 3 hours now".

The time should just naturally fly past.

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I play 3 hours on working days and 4,5 on non-working days.But when I play guitar I am concetrated just on it,my PC and TV turned off,and me alone in my room,leaving the guitar only when the higher forces make me do it.I can't understand how some people can play for 6+ hours.OK,when I first got my guitar I 'played' it for 6,7 hours a day,but mixed with me watching TV,looking for tabs on PC or generally otherwise not fully in guitar.
whenever i get the chance, so baiscally alot, maybe up to 6 hours at the most weekdays, and weekends i dont really put the guitar down, i just carry it round my house playing it, im playing guitar at this very second, one handed

im lucky cos even though im at college i get half days off every day except monday, so i get home early to an empty house and crank up the amp
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before work, i played for the rest of the time after i got home from school
now that i am working i only get in about 2 hours at the least
but thankfully, im beastly from all those practices so now its just doing eh, w/e
before work, i played for the rest of the time after i got home from school
now that i am working i only get in about 2 hours at the least
but thankfully, im beastly from all those practices so now its just doing eh, w/e
Sometimes less than an hour a day. Sometimes around 3 hours.

If I'm in a band, I practice all day (when not at work).
The people who say they play for 5+ hours how do you fit it in your day, if i play 2 hours i have to rush hw and other things.
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An hour is along time out a school guys day.
I get home at 4 and i play from anywhere from 4 to 7. But with breaks and sometimes just an hour or half an hour if im busy or family time and whatnot.
I screw around with it after school, but I make sure to get in 2 1/2 hours every day (from 9:30-12:00 PM) of serious practice (being scales and exercises).
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i never 'practice'. i play for fun when i feel like it/can fit it in, which is probably maybe 30 minutes a day on acoustic during term time, more when i'm at home. but i also have two 3 hour practices with my band a week.
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30 min-2 hours
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If I have to work, I'm lucky if I have any time to practice guitar, unless I stay up pretty late.

If I don't have work, I usually have band practice, and I play for about 3 hours on those days.

So an average would probably be about 10 hours a week. 2 of actual skill building, practicing, 8 of jamming.
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At first I played 4-6 hours a day... and more on weekends but i got sick with a panic disorder and now only touch my guitar when i feel good which is an hour every two days.....
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Normaly on weekends vacations i play from round 09:00 (thats when i wake up) tills 23:00
Cause im not alowed to play loud at that time .

But currently school is pretty tough .
Its the last year before i get myself in some music school so the grades have to be perfect.
So i ussualy play for just round 3 hours or something.
During the summer it was the only thing I did, even when I was hanging out with my friends, but now I've toned it down to maybe an hour or two a day because of school.
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i dunno. i dont keep count or look at the clock when i play. guitar is just a way of having fun or being relaxed or even sometimes to be a bit rebellious(neighbours always hate loud noises)
About 2 hours a day, more on weekends. If I go jam I maybe play for 5-6 hours, with short breaks in between.
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