Hello UG,

A friend of mine wants to start playing guitar . He has never owned a guitar or amp before(only played a friend's guitar and liked it), and im not much a fan of rock music so i cant really give him good suggestions.
His style of music: Rock, Grunge and others near that
Budget: 1000 USD (both guitar and amp into that price)
Bands he wants to sound like: AC/DC, Nirvana, Black Sabbath

Thank you, UG!

That's a very good budget for a first guitar and amp.

Turbo RAT does a very good Black Sabbath tone. A cheap DS-1 will do Nirvana.

Any decent Marshall amp should handle AC/DC. Maybe get a Valvestate.

A modeling amp and multi-fx might be a good idea for a first timer - really gives you a feel for what "proper" gear you'll want to get in future.

As for a guitar, I'm unsure. I think the Pacifica 112 is a very good starter guitar, but your budget is much higher than that, so maybe a higher up Pacifica.
I would say Vox Valvetronix of some description and an Epi Les Paul. Keep it simple for beginner stuff, then he can blow what's left of the budget and more on pro stuff later.
I dont think such a high budget is advisable for a newb.

Get a higher-end Epi LP or SG, or a MIM Fender strat if he wanted singles.

Then maybe a Peavey classic 30, decent OD like a maxon ts-8 or maybe even a turbo rat?
A nice Epiphone SG/LP and a Peavey Classic 30.
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