never tried it, but it looks pretty decent. Try it out first though.

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what is a solo?
pig ugly... the headstock shape is cool but other than that its horrid
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This is deep
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Actually no

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On paper it's a pretty nice axe for the price dude. I don't think it looks that bad at all, but that's just my opinion.
not th look wt so ever

but, i reckon the trem should be gd, as its FR. also because the pups are hums you could easily mod it with emgs.
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I think its kinda cool shaped but yeah its only got one volume control.

But try first. i'd say. or youtube it.

Thats what i do when i like a look of a guitar i youtube it to find how it sounds.



Sorry, but 20 dollars on everything on that guitar that is not the bridge is not worth it.
its kinda pointy but sounds realy good (i think so) great for the price!
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That is not an OFR from what I've heard. Its made in china, like the rest of it. Floyd Rose is on because Floyd Rose is having it made just for them in China, hence how they can say that. Some of those Floyd Rose guitars also came with Pings, and those weren't much better.
the bridge isnt the best
the best floyd rose bridge is the EDGE and there is one that's almost as good but i forgot the name and the one on that guitar is the poor quality one
if you're new then i guess it's ok but i wouldn't buy it
and it does look kinda ugly
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It doesn't look nice and most guitars in that price range are probably a bit crap. Get a higher range guitar with a Floyd Rose.
Fugly. That's all I can say. If it's not even an OFR like some have said, don't bother. Everything looks like crap. A quick look at their site tells me that almost all of their guitars that they list have swamp ash bodies and a bolt on neck. But they all say they use speedloader systems, not normal FR's, which this one appears to have. A guitar that isn't even listed on their site? I would avoid it like the plague on account of major lack of information and suspciously low price.
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