I have 2 Strats that I want to replace the stock Tremelo with the same thing, just in a different color. Other than the actual replacement of hte hardware, is there anything else that needs to be done to make a Strat that is currently setup sound good? I have heard something about needing to re-intonate the guitar, but not sure if that applies here or what that even is.
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It should be a fairly straight forward swap aslong as the screw holes are in the same spots.
I would definetly check the intonation when you are done though. just Type Intonation in the search bar and you ill get all the set up help you need.
if the intonation is off then you will have problems playing in tune. ie: if you hit the A string open and the E string 5th fret they should be the same. if it is off then the 2 notes will be off from each other aswell.
It would be a wise Idea to take it to a store and have it set up once you have swapped the bridges.
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