hey out there ^')

I've desperately been looking for this masterpiece of In extremo, but regardingsless the Silbermond version I failed to get any...
Does anybody of you have the tabs for this one (or could do a part of them ")? AFAIK the tuning should be standart D, like the ones they used on the other songs of sünder ohne zügel

big thanx in advance
hope you can help me out a little

well, I thougth if i'm asking others to do stuff for me I could at least try to help a bit
so here's my first try ever to create a tab ... it's only the first line, just tabbed by listening (in the 4th bar is still a tiny mistake that I can't get rid of..), but maybe someone will find this useful..

to be continued, but now I'm tired *looks at teh clock*
(uaahh, can't upload any .gpx files ...;= ... => .zip =)

see ya!
Die Gier.zip