Welcome to my build.

A couple month ago I saw a listing on Used for a 1960s tube guitar amp which I picked up for 40 bucks. This was all great except that the amp came as a head unit and I dont have a speaker cab to plug it into. This wasn't too horrible as I had picked up two Celestion Vintage 30s back around christmas for 100 bux a piece that I had sitting around. It was time to build a speaker cab. I also decided to build a head cab for the amp too as the one that came with the amp was poorly built and had this ugly fake wood vinyl covering that was all sticky like the glue never really dried.

The amp is a Liftco. model 360. I think the company went out of business a long time ago as from looking on the internet the only information I could find was that the amp wants to see a 16ohm speaker load and that the compnay suposedly made clones. I couldn't find what the clones were clones of but the amp has 4 6AV5 preamp triode tubes. Each one is half a 12AX7. Two 6BQ5 power tubes, which are suposed to be EL34's, or maby 84's, I forget which. Either way, they should be putting out roughly 10 watts together. And a 5Y3GT tube recto. Everything in the amp seems to be in working order, I have started tracing the circuit out and have it sketched out messy on a piece of paper, that after I clean up I will port for you tech heads. The amp has a 1 channel with 4 equal inputs. I plan on changing the resists on inputs 1 and 4 to one high and one lower. The power chord also needs to be changed as it is still running with the original 2 prong plug. The death cap has already been removed for safety reasons. There are bass, treble and volume controls which for now will all remain stock until I finish. After everything is finished, maby some tweeking will be neccessary. I also plan on making a new face plate.

The speaker box has a 2 by 4 frame. The boards were notched, glued, and screwed together for strength. The frame was then covered with half inche pine ply. I know I went over kill by far on the structure strength but you could take a sledge to this box and not hurt it. The box will hold my two V30's. It is 31 inches wide. I forget the other dimensions, I'll get those later. I used the cheepest ply wood I could find so the wood was rather rough, so rather then try and sand it down, I've put on two coats of fiberglass resin to smooth it out. The matching head unit box is also the same as the speaker cab. This is as far as I have gotten. After the boxes are sanded smooth they will be painted a burgundy red, covered in a polyurenthane coat, sanded again. I will then go over the corners with a can of black spray paint to create something of a bust effect. It will then be clear coated several times and sanded one final time. The painting is to match my guitar, a Fender TC90, in red.

I will take pictures and get dimensions and more later today.

Comments, suggestions, anything is welcome.
no comments, what a shame. i would love to see some pics!

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Same, sounds interesting
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Sounds like a fun project, I'd like to see pics as well! The best part about doing it yourself is learning the techniques for superior tone. Well, that, and the fact that you get to play with electronics