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KK im gonna get a multi effects pedal off sanity claus
but which !? I hope dats why u came in here
any thoughts!?


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i have a zoom, ive had it for probly year an a half and so far its been fine, slightly confusing with some things you can do on it like asigning different effects to the pedal, but once you'v got the hang of it its pretty good

ive never tried a digitech tho so i cnt really compare
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2) Neither, look at line 6, either the Floor Pod or the Pod Live.
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EDIT: Sammcl pretty much got it dead on.
Line 6 are pricey for multi-effects. The Bass Floor Pod runs about $200 USD whereas the Digitech BP 200 runs about $150 and the Zoom 708 II is about $70 USD. So there is much to compare in the way of pedal boards in this particular price range.
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Multi-effects pedals? Ewww.....

(Sorry, I've been a guitarist twice as long as a bassist.)
zoom is really underated
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I like digitech's better than zooms, but they are pretty good.


i've had the digitech bp 80 for a while now and its pretty nice, but i've played around with the zoom a bit, and it seems to be just as nice
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Multi-effects pedals? Ewww.....

(Sorry, I've been a guitarist twice as long as a bassist.)

although its a bit blunt i agree, multieffects only serve one purpose: to expose you to types of effects so you know what pedals to buy.

you'll never be fully satisfied with a multieffect IMO, and i really dislike my digitech, i just keep it around cause i can't afford a real phaser and chorus pedal yet.

if you want to buy my digitech ill sell it to you cheap.
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I have a Digitech and I agree with the above. It showed me the different kinds of effects. Now (maybe for Christmas ) I can get some single effects based on what I know I like now. It's a nice little introduction to effects.