Does anybody know any cool-sounding Spanish styled chord progressions? If so can they please reply (maybe tabs as well please?)

E F G, probably one of the most spanish sounding progressions run into the ground (by everyone including myself)
Se my profile song thingy. Its got a spanish vibe to it.

The important thing is the rhythm. The most spanish chord progression I have come across and the one I like to use is:

Am G F E ... Repeat.

Also, a good scale to use is the phrygian dominant scale (aka spanish gypsy) as well as the bog standard phrygian scale.
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Try the outro to "Sidewinder" by Avenged Sevenfold.
It's pretty decent.
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Listen to Rodrigo y Gabriela. Learn their songs. (and tab them, because there aren't too many R&G tabs on U-G.