I'd suggest looking at the Spider III series by Line 6. I've been using my Spider III 120 Watt for metal and the likes, and it works well. I'd say give it a try and see if you like it.
400 Euro is equal to what, about 500-600 USD. You can definitely do better than a spider (trust me, I own one). Randall, B-52, and Ashdown have all valve amps at that price capable of nice gain. I'm just not sure about their availability in Europe.
what's with the modeling amps? you can get a much better amp for that amount of money.
a couple questions TS, do you intend to use this amp for gigging or bedroom play? are you willing to go used?
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Because in terms of metal, there isn't a lot in that price range. In terms of everything else, yeah, there is. I don't think modeling amps are as good as the real thing, but I'd rather get an "almost there" attempt at a couple of different metal amps, to a much cheaper version of a dual recto, etc.
roland cube maybe or a voxad30vt and a proco rat
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what kind of metal? If it's more vintage metal then a laney lc15 + OD for the extra heavy stuff (still not gonna be all that modern) if it's more modern stuff then check out the modellers
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