Hello, me and my friends are practicing some songs and we have: 1 playing bass, 2 playing guitar and one drummer. We want a very easy song so it sounds smooth and good. Hmmm... I've played guitar for like 3 months (electric 1 month), the other guitarist for like 3 months electric and 1 month acoustic and the bass just know how to play, and i don't know if she practice very much be she didn't have any problem with our latest song: Jesus of Suburbia.... And the drummer is ok, not very good. But woorks for us. Anyway do you guyz have any tip, we want somthing strong but not hard. Actually as easy as possible.

Face Down by the Red Jumpuit Apparatus. You have to drop the low E to D, but that's the most difficult part.
Hmmm, just give me a good punk song ^^ This sounds like hard, cause our singer is a girl...