I'm probably getting a PS3 for Christmas, and along with it I'm gonna get one game (60$ a game is ****ing expensive). So I've looked at many choices, and well I think I'm gonna get Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, simply because it looks pretty cool and its MASSIVE game time will keep me busy until I get another game.

Has anyone played it? Any regrets, any comments?

And what about other PS3 games, anything else worth getting instead of that?

Btw, no senseless arguing about whether a 360 is better or not, simply because no one gives a ****
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I've played it on 360, and it's AWESOME. If you're an RPG fan, or a fan of action games, you'll love it. There's so many different things to do, and it's quite a long game. I would definitely recommend it.

I don't much about other PS3 games, as I don't own one, but Oblivion is definitely good. Too bad MGS4 isn't out yet though...
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Oblivion is absolutly one of the amazing games ever put on a console ever. There is so much to do and with the new expansions i wouldnt even know where to start. If you have a brain in your head go for oblivion.
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Ok heres what I have:

F.E.A.R. (its ****ty on PS3)
Folklore (It gets repetitive and boring)
Resistance (Very good FPS, gets a tad dry by the end.)
Rainbow Six: Vegas (Very good tactical shooter, gets a tad boring)
Oblivion (Owns the shizzle out of the rest of them. Infinite replay value, and your first play through will last anywhere from 40 to 140 hours.)

Conclusion: GET OBLIVION NOW!!!!
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oblivon is the sex, but there must be a better game on PS3... the new ninja gaiden game looks beast, but i don't even know if it's out yet...

But you should just sell the ps3 and buy a 360

assassins creed is going be ****ing awesome
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Rent Heavenly sword and Lair (heavenly sword is short, but amazing)
COD4 is amazing
WarHawk is amazing, tons of people are always playing
Skate is amazing
Assassins Creed is amazing
Motorstorm is pretty good
Ratchet and Clank.. everyone seems to love, I'm not into that game though.
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If you're gonna get Oblivion, get the game of the year edition with the Shivering Isles expansion.
Heavenly sword, Warhawk, Motorstorm, Assassins Creed and Unchated: bla bla bla (when it comes out).
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Get a 360 and Call of Duty 4...

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assassins creed is going be ****ing awesome

isn't already out?

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I just ordered Assassin's Creed and pre-ordered Guitar Hero III should keep me up entertained for ages.

Want to build a Jackson, to be fairly freaking honest.

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isn't already out?

Released this Friday in England. Got mine resereved

And Oblivion is well worth getting if you're into RPG's, should keep you busy for months, it's that massive.
Rainbow 6: Vegas is pretty good too, and Heavenly Sword is mental - easily the best game i've played on PS3 yet.
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Get a 360 and Call of Duty 4...


Or he can get the PS3.. and Call of Duty 4... you know, just a thought. And when he does, I'll gladly beat him whenever he'd like.
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i loooooove ridge racer at the moment... and also, its hard to complete... even if you do complete it, theres still onlineing (is that a word?)
Assassins Creed, looks like its got stunning graphics and intense gameplay all at once, a true next gen game!
Comes out tomorrow here, cant wait
get oblivion, seriously, its AMAZING

it's kept me going for so many hours you wouldn't believe it.
There are also loads of other things you can do; my personal favourite was to collect bottles of alcohol!

Seriously, the possibilities are endless, one of my favourite games on the xbox (im sure it'd be good on the playstation as well tho)
just got assassins creed yesterday, ****ING AWESOME so addictive the graphics are amazing and the gameplay is superb, not what i expected tho
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