Well today I took a trip to Oldham to pick up my new guitar that I purchased off Evilbay. I didn't know much about the guitar because the auction was very vague, no idea about the condition, the year it was made or anything but I'm a huge fan of these guitars. So ladies and gents, my second Peavey Nitro!

Poplar body
Kahler 2700 trem
Thin, fast Maple neck
Rosewood (very dark) fretboard
3 killswitches (Neck: on/off Mid: on/off Bridge: humbucker/off/single coil)
Hard case

Overall the condition is lacking, loads of scratches, chips and dents, it's missing the locking nut (that I doubt I'll ever be able to replace), some of the hardware is a bit rusty, it came with no strings and the pickups were set very high.
I did manage to pick it up for £115 though, my first was £175 (albeit in perfect condition) so I'll have money to get it properly cleaned up and set up.
Full Body Shot:

Body Shot:


Headstock detail of the fanned part:

Together with my first:

The white one is a 1987 Nitro III and the black one is 1989 Nitro III. They are pretty much the same, the '87 weighs a bit more and the '89 has a thinner neck.
I personally love these guitars and everyone should own one.

If you can find out what kind of thread peavey used in the locking nut you could make your own out of bits of metal.

Me wants...

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nice find (y)

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I don't really like the looks of the cavities around the pickups, I guess... asides from that, nice ^^
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PEAVEY!!!! 80's Peavey guitars ROCK. most are heavy as hell though. They built 'em beefy back then. Nice axe.
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PEAVEY!!!! 80's Peavey guitars ROCK. most are heavy as hell though. They built 'em beefy back then. Nice axe.

Very true, they're awesome guitars. I found a used Vandenberg in a second hand shop near me going for £375 but before I got the cash together it had already been sold! I'm pretty sure a Vandenberg will be my next purchase though.
Haha, I love those 80s Super Strats.
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That does NOT look like a Kahler 2700, but in fact a Kahler Killer.

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