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Wannabe Romeo was impatient for love.
He ran into a prostitute named “Juliet”.
Luckily this time
Problem was not parents but... Money.

When You Fell

Sorry, did I break your heart?
Sorry, should I pick up the pieces?
The ones that fell too far
I'm sorry, I never heard your call

Your cries were lost in the wind
The wind carried the pieces of your heart

Away from me.

The Endless Reign

Pound for pound
this feint rain is worth its weight in gold,
nothing deceives a sunset more than a feigned silver-lining,
as windowsills doused with droughts become places of rest.
There's something ground breaking in watching rain fall...
I, however, remain open eyed
as a mark of respect,
staring a mass metaphoric murderer in the face,
as if to say: "I see where you're coming from."