Hello people! I decided to get involved in here too because I think it's good time to get serious with my playing . And I'm in search for a good, versatile tube amp and the H&K TriAmp has gotten me interested. If there is anyone with more experience than me with the amp (I've "tested" it for a five minutes or so because the angry shopkeeper was, well angry, and I don't remember much about it) could you share your opinnions? I know it sounds good especially if you can play but what wouldn't then? Well I know a couple of things but nevermind .

Is it fully adjustable or is the EQ like some Marshall's so it doesn't cover very different tones but has its distinct sound? I hate my dad's DSL401 because I think it lacks adjustability and the knobs only add nothing or some buzz and nothing usable. No mid-scooping, no rumbling bass, but very buzzy and ripping trebles. Pretty monotonic I think, not to say it won't do well what it's made for.

The most important question I have is about the head+cab wattages. The TriAmp is rated 50/100 watts, but the only H&K 2x12 cab (CC 212) has Greenbacks and is rated 50 watts in mono. Would I be able to use it with amp's 50 watt mode or is some headroom needed? I don't want anything to explode up and a 4x12 cabinet is too much for me to carry because I don't have yet my own roadies and not even a band ATM. And I'd like to have matching head and cabinet for my own maybe stupid pleasure .

But nevertheless, thank you in advance
Greenbacks break up pretty quick. I wouldn't ever use the cab in 100 watt mode, but 50 watt mode should be fine. I wouldn't ever dime the master volume but you should be ok. You may want an atteniator but you should still have a little headroom.

As far as sound goes, It is known the have amazing sounds. Really High gain and chimmy clean. I have never played one, but I saw Queensryche in concert and they had stacks of triamps. It was really great sound and distortion.
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the clean is lovely as is the crunch. considered it long and hard for awhile, but i had to pass on it.
one of the things i didnt like was how it suffered from the classic "marshall syndrome." it really needs to be at half up on the master before it starts to breathe and come to life. the high-gain channel sounds absolutely feeble below that volume.

oh, and i hated it with Vintage 30s. just sayin'.