Im college kid and i was wondering what is the best multi effects pedal on the market? i have a roland jazz amp im going to use it with. personally im leaning towards the line 6 livext. i think the sounds are pretty accurate and it has usb capabilities which is nice. anyone else have any suggestions?
How much do you have to spend? You can go well over $1,000 on multi-effects units, especially if you get into things like the Roland guitar synth or rack-mounted units.
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If he's a college student, he's not going to be able to afford that.

The best amp modeller/multi-fx unit is probably the Vox Tonelab - at least, for amp modeling anyway. Unsure if there's one where the effects side of things is better.
ah yeah i have like 500 so i can get a decent processor alteast. im looking for a floor processor to use live.