Rally Ireland is on this weekend. It is the penultimate rally of the WRC Championship. Discuss anything you want about WRC and related to this rally. I'll hopefully be going to Tempo or Fardross stages (at least 5 stages within 10-15 miles of where I live so I can't wait for the oppurtunity).
Trust me. If you have ever seen irish back roads, you'll know how tricky they are. They are bad enough going 60mph but they'll be pushing it far harder than that. If you look up clips of the 'circuit of ireland' then you'll understand because its around similar stages (some stages such as Fardross I've been to before for the Circuit) in similar area.
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My cable company took away the Speed Channel a few years ago.

I'm a little behind on my motorsports, especially F1 and WRC. I had no idea Schumacher retired F1until this past June, and was completely surprised when I found out that Sebastian Loeb was doing so damn well in WRC. I remember cheering for Loeb years and years ago.
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