Let me start by being absolutely clear that this is not a Mac vs PC thread. I already know what I like and dislike about Macs and PCs respectively, I just want some information. If you're going to talk about how Macs are teh suk, please go elsewhere, thanks.

I'm looking at upgrading my computer or getting a new one here in the next few months (Christmas money, you know). I also use this PC for all sorts of design stuff, I have my own business designing webpages and so forth, so I use a lot of Flash, Photoshop, stuff like that. I play games from time to time and I want to have that option available, as well as recording.

Now, here's where the problem lies: I also really like OSX. My roommates have MacBooks and they're flipping sweet, I love em. I want a Mac, but the absolute only way I'm going to get one is if it can run Windows, windows-based games, processes, whatever. Do the Mac Pros dual-boot Windows? If so, does it play games, does everything work properly? If not, what are the emulation options?

If I can get a system that does both Windows and Mac well, I will, but if I can't, I choose Windows and Ubuntu.
Fear not my friend! all the newest macs can run windows too and are capable of playing games.
Yup, macs can run windows apps with a program (forget name)..

its quite common.
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^ +1

A Mac Pro can dual boot Windows, but there isn't anything that says PC's can't run OSX Leopard (except for maybe laws).
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Fear not my friend! all the newest macs can run windows too and are capable of playing games.

+1 mac it is!
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macs are teh suck.

just kidding
anyway i heard something about a windows emulator that apple designed for OSX the only complaints i heard were that it was slow because you are running 2 operating systems at the same time. i forget what it was called though...
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Yes! Macintosh released something called Bootcamp, which allows you to install windows on a mac.
The way I see it, you should go with a good PC, and research how to install leopard (you can).

That way, the PC will handle both your gaming and business needs with ease