With Christmas coming up, I'm looking at new (small, tube) amps (MG atm ). Ive pretty much settled on an Ibanez Valbee, as they are supposed to be very high gain and pretty good.

Anyway, after reading some reviews, it seems like the main problem with the amp is that it only has a 6" speaker. I would (mainly) use it for bedroom use, but if I find the speaker too small it would be nice to have the option of connecting a cab. However, apparently it does not have a speaker out jack. So, do you think it would still be possible to connect a cab?

I take it just plugging the cab into the 'Phones/Rec' out would not work? What if I disconnected the two wires from the internal speaker, soldered on a jack and connected it to a cab that way?
^ so long as you match the ohms that will work fine
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