So I was browsing ebay when I came across a Crate bass amp and cabinet for really cheap, like 40 dollars. The reason it was so low was because it is really heavy and the guy was charging almost 200 dollars for shipping. I saw that the kid lived like 30 minutes from where I did and I asked if I can pick it up, he said no problem. SO I won teh amp for about 70 dollars and I find out that it is one of the first ever Crate bass amps from the late 70's. Now I know how much that this can possibly be worth but does anyone know a ballpark figure. Here are some pictures from the dudes basement, I now have it and it sounds so full and sexy, my problem is I primarily a drummer/guitar player. So I want to possibly sell it and update so guitar equipment. The weird thing is I can't find any information on the product, but the only link I got that was in anyway related was selling the head alone for 400$

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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
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I don't know how people can sleep at night getting deals like that. Dang.
Congratulations, man! Hope you make a bundle!
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my problem is I primarily a drummer/guitar player

Perhaps now you should become primarily a drummer/gutarist/bassist
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What is the model name?

Cr-285B, but its an old version, the one other ebay listing I saw was for a newer version, this is like the legit real deal... it even says by slm on it so i know its older because newer models don;t state that on the front of the amp.

IT does have an amazing clean, but I really need some upgrades I have always been too poor to really get much quality gear and here is my opportunity but I am going to keep it around for awhile!
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god