an amp which handles punk and rock well. Anything up to £400 maybe slightly over and i play a Fender Telecaster 72 Deluxe.

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Get a 100$ piece of crap thats really loud and you'll get the effect you want.

Something like a Marshall MG then lol.
peavey classic 30 perhaps?
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well, a lot of the punk/punk style bands that ive seen recently have used dual rectifiers, which are probably out of your range. a peavey classic 30 might work, but is going to be over priced on that side of the pond. so maybe a laney lc30 would work (i think thats the more modern voiced one). an epi socal head might work as well, its supposed to be nice for hard rock, which means it should have enough gain for punk.

now, of course i have no idea how much these cost cause i dont know any uk web stores to look up prices, but that should be a start for places to look.
Do you use a clean sound at all? If not, a Peavey Windsor head and cab (would come to just less than £400 from Sound Control) would be perfect. Alternatively, you could try a Marshall DSL401, though I am not much of a fan, a used JCM800 or 900 combo or perhaps even a Randall RG50TC, though it wouldn't be my first choice for those styles.
I'd get a jcm900 for 80% of punk
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Laney VC30 or Vox AC30, perhaps? I'm guessing that you're playing what we used to call "punk" when I was a kid, not Blink 182 and Green Day.