I'm thinking of getting one of these. Good for playing with others methinks. So what would you recommend me to get?
Ibanez s540 with gold Schaller bridge and OMGGOLD hardware

Ibanez RGR320 with Lo-Edge Pro bridge and scalloped fretboard

Lee Jackson XLSC - 500

Roland Microcube

Dunlop Jazz III black
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Wireless guitar cables...

Anyway you're talking about wireless signal transmitters.
They're really good if you run around on stage, but they cost a lot for a good one, so sure, go for it if you have a $400+ to throw around.
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Do you still get feedback even with a wireless system?

Feedback is a result of the amplified sound coming from your amp causing tiny vibrations on the body of your guitar, which produvces those oh so annoying tones. So, unless you can create artificial sound, you're out of luck feedback-wise.
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Yup. Dish out and it wil be yours. Thats the way with everything. People are always asking if you should get this and that. But, if you got the money and you want it, buy it.
Hard to say really. It's really handy if you jump around while playing, and you don't mind spending money on batteries often. Still, the reliability from good cables cannot be underestimated. In any case, from a quick google search, they start around $70...