my friend is extremley good, fast lead guitarist. he holds the pick at a diagonal direction while stricking the strings. i tried it like that and it is faster, but it starts to hurt after a very little while. when i pick with the pick normal, it doesnt hurt but its not as fast as diagonal. which way should it be held?
i've always held it the diagonal way and now im trying to do it horizontally because it makes for a better sound so i guess its personal preference.
I hold it diagonally, but not with my entire hand, I just angle it with my thumb and index finger. The pick goes in between the tip of my thumb and the SIDE of the index finger, which is why the pick goes diagonally. There is no way a pick SHOULD be helf though.
just pretty much hold it in a postion that feels comfortable. i play a lot of necrophagist and stlyes that you switch up between rhythym and leads a lot, so i pretty much have a universal way of holding it. its just the matter of how you position your hand.
if youre looking for speed try his way but only for short periods of time til you build endurance for that.
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I used to do it that way but I felt it was bad technique. I corrected it and enjoy it more now. The diagonal way felt like I was cheating, and it was the easy way out.

Although some might say, DO IT, I would tell you to think about how it might affect other things such as tone, and if you're in time.
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here's a nice video from paul gilbert... check it out!

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Pretty much personal preference, whatever way is comfortable for you.
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