So, for my english ISP I had to choose a book with a social justice theme. The theme in my book was racism/inner-city violence/gang violence. For our final presentation we have to show a clip from a movie that contains the same social justice issue. I am no movie buff and I need some help finding a movie that contains issues about racism and/or inner-city violence. Any suggestions are apprecited. Thanks in advance.
bronx tale?
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Romper Stomper
American History X
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That KKK scene from 'O Brother Where Art Thou'?

I was like ten the first time I saw that... I didn't know what it was... it freaked me out
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"boyz in the hood" or "do the right thing"

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romper stomper comes to mind.

and menace II society. BNTH is probably better though. with menace, it's a far superior movie, but you would have to watch the entire thing. there's no specific clips that i can really think of off the top of my head. except the one where he's teaching the little kid how to hold a gun. that one's pretty disturbing and funny.

the last scene from boyz n the hood where ice cube gives his criticism of the media.


or this one where fishburne talks about how violence and gangs are propogated in black america: