Ok im sure you all remember me asking about the RGT42DX well i was looking into the FX as all of you suggested.

Now i came across the Hellraiser C-1 FR. its listed price is like $749 at my local shop. its brand new. I looked up on Schecters site and i see it runs for $1150. i cant check other sites because im at school right now on a free period.

Anyways what im asking is which would be more worth the money?

The Ibanez RGT42FX or the Hellraiser C-1 FR?
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they make amazing guitars and i know thaat you will not be disapointed
besides, it has a better trem, an OFR
also, youd also be getting it 50 dollars cheaper than on musicians friend...prolly the cheapest you can ever get it for brand new