what are the differences between emg 81, 85, 89, etc and what is a good combo for an ibanez s?
81 is a bridge pickup, the 85 a neck alot more bass. The 89 is a split coil so can be a single or humbucker but there isnt a bridge,neck of these. I have seen a reverse 89 so the single coil can be right next to the bridge versus little further away.
so 85's are good for distortion and 81's cleaner?
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so 85's are good for distortion and 81's cleaner?

I'd say the other way around. The EMG 60 is supposed to be one of their cleaner pickups. Try a search aswell, you'll dig up alot on this topic.
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go on the EMG website.. have all the breakdown on there, just google EMG pickups!
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Saved you 2 seconds of searching.

Anyway, it may involve lots of modifications if you decide to go active. You may have to get a three way switch (as EMG's don't like splitting except the 89) and the pot will be replaced. You may want to look at their passives, although you may want to get covered passives instead.
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I would personally go with passive pickups because having to route out part of the guitar would be a bitch. You could find really good passive pickups, EMGs aren't the only option for metal.

Look into Seymour Duncan's and Dimarzio's.
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