Right, my tone pots annoy me on my strat, im gonna go down to a single volume knob, however i dont know how to remove / make it so the pups are on 10 tone all the time...


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hard to explain really, but you all you need to do, is de-solder the wires from the tone pot, and completel the cirtuit for each pup
>Turn all knobs to 10
>Stick Flat head screw driver under knobs and pry up until the knob pops off.
>Unscrew cover on the back (the one behind the knobs.
>Flip guitar over and undo the nut that is holding them in.
>Pull through back and put nuts back on (so they don't get lost)
>Put cover back on.

That's the lazy 5 minute way, I bet there's a way with fancy soldering too but eh, works the same and you can put them back in at any time.

I've done this with my guitar in order to install a killswitch.
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