A few playing at like b-day partys tho, but in the next couple years i hope to meet a couple of ppl interested in a band
well then go wiht the pups. Help you more in the long run, plus, you can always play small partys with a 75 SS or 30 Tube.
you could play birthdays with a 15 watt tube
Hell you could play birthdays with a 15 watt vox AD (hybrid right?) as I manage to. . only just be as loud as a ****ING loud drummer so yeah.
Go with the pickups. But if you want it to be a little more versatile, then go with an 81/60 set instead of the 81/85 set. 85 gives an awesome tone for shredding, but it doesn't do too well with cleans. The 60 handles cleans a lot better.
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