Hey ug'ers. Whats your advice for building up down picking speed. Ive been trying to get the intro's to master of puppets and rain done. I have the technique right and the timing right, as my guitar teacher says, its just a case of building up the speed. I reckon I am currently at 3/4's of the speed with both songs. Is it purely a case of building up enough muscle and muscle memory for doing it ? or a metronome ?
well master of puppets is all down picked anyway so
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What is this 'Rain Done' song - Or doe she mean 'Rain', done? Anyway, i need to know what song this is.

About building speed, metronome, slow riff down, build speed up. Also try using your wrost, not shoulder.
And Master of Puppets is all downpicked anyway!
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What is this 'Rain Done' song - Or doe she mean 'Rain', done? Anyway, i need to know what song this is.

Im guessing Trivium?
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Im guessing Trivium?

I'm going to take a long shot and guess he means 'Raining Blood' by Slayer, idk.
Just gotta build up muscle strength in the wrist.
Keep building up speed, play with a metronome.

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Im guessing Trivium?

Yes, 'Rain' is the first song after the intro on Ascendency.

Anyway, downpicking is all about stamina; what you need to do is pick a comfortable speed on the metronome and start downpicking and keep going until you physically cannot do anymore, time yourself and see how long it is, once you can go past about 45 seconds to a minute speed up a bit then do it again at the new speed. Rinse and repeat until you get to whatever speed you're aiming for (I'm guessing 8ths at about 200 - 210 bpm, yes?)
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