Well, it seems that Alex Rodriguez is on the verge of signing a 10-year, $300 million contract with the Yankees. He will be charged $26.1 million for the fees the Yankees payed to Texas, but it will still be the greatest salary in sports history.

Anyone else think his agent overplayed a perfect hand, screwing up a potential $350 million contract? And is A-Rod doing it to save face for his recent reputation hits, or is he all about the bucks?

Let's talk about this situation; I had really hoped he was going to leave the Yankees. And it's not just because I'm a Red Sox fan.
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i was hoping he was heading out west to The angels
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Go Sox!

And honestly, A-Rod's just a douche anyways. As a Seattlite and Mariner fan, it killed me when I left. I still haven't forgoten it!
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i was hoping he was heading out west to The angels


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I thought Hank Steinbrenner said the Yankees weren't going to deal with Rodriguez if he opted out? Oh well. I don't mind. If they're paying him $300 million, they won't be able to afford to revamp their pitching staff, which sorely needs it.

And then my Red Sox can own the division again. Mwhahaha!
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I was hoping that he leaved. I'm neutral about the Yankees, but I was under the impression they were starting fresh. And A-rod hasn't done anything ddurring his 10 years at 250M$
and i thought they were going to have a big changing year, new manager, no more a-rod, better pitching...younger players...but i guess not.
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I don't really care. Im not sure I wanted the Angels to get him in the first place, and maybe now they'll be more inclined to make a run at Miguel Cabrera. Also, A-Rod sucks in October, so I'm not worried about him in the playoffs.
a-rod will break the career home run record in 7 years, the yankees will pay anything for that.