New to guitar, only been playing like 4 months, was wondering what are some good strings for Drop B tuning? I guess really any lower tuning, but right now I'm playing a lot of Demon Hunter.

I've been through quite a few sets the past month and so far I haven't been dissapointed but I would also like some opinions (and I'm new). Guitar store guy recommended me some Wylde (10-46). I was kind of surprised that thin strings would sound good in that tuning (used to hearing I have to buy 11's or higher) but they work. Had some power slinky's on but not too fond of their sound for DH.

Remember, new to guitar, not sure what I'm talking about sometimes haha.

I'd recommend D'addario 12's......DR 11's handle low tunings well also....
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I de-tune my e to a b with a set of nines and it works fine... It's a teeny bit floppy, but it sounds perfectly fine.

same here, but the only reason I use nines is because I play on standard tuning, drop d tuning, a step down, drop c tuning and drop b tuning, which 9's are perfect for me on all of them.
look at something like 56-12 or 54-11 (this might be too loose though) i would personally go with 56-11/12
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