I can tell you how I got it and how you could get one brand new for free! seriously!
I first saw this on G4TechTV(I was bored) for the ipod.READ Everything
This is very, very, very, very EASY! It literally takes half an hour to set up.
Step 1:Copy and Paste the link provided into your browser window: http://www.3604free.com/index.php?ref=4317445
Step 2:Sign up and choose an account type (Referral is the easiest and best)choose that one!
Step 3:Complete just 1 offer (I did the gamefly one, because I knew what this place is …thers also things like netflix, blockbuster, and that stuff. This is where ppl f up. Keep reading Ill tell you at the end) and refer 12 or 10 people to do the same. (Do it onCRAIGSLIST, MYSPACEFACEBOOK,FAMILY,FRIENDS,CO-WORKERS etc&hellip This step takes about an half hour to set up, then about three weeks of patient waiting to collect all the referrals.
Step 4: Receive your Xbox360!FOR FREE This is real believe me. Any questions email me fin4lprayer@yahoo.com
aren't you supposed to tell us that you're the heir to the throne of a small African country first?

or are they skipping that step now?

edit: ah nevermind, different scam...
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