I've got a Schecter Damien-FR that I'd like to put in Drop C, but I'm not really sure how to go about doing this. I tried just tuning it that low, but it won't stay in tune that low. So any suggestions on how to do this?
u have to adjust the springs in the bottom to counter-act the string tension. it should stay in tune then.
You may have already messed it up bro.. From what I remember if you put any slack/extra tension on the springs, you gotta go get 'em fixed (unless, of course, you know how to reset the springs) Good luck though. Go to your local guitar shop and get it set up. They'll do it right. I wouldn't trust myself lol
tighten your floyd springs if ^ tat did happen. just go to d standard with the tuners at the top and then tighten your locking things then go down (a half step, full step?) on the e with the fine tuner
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Well, I already took it to a guitar shop once and they charged me 40 to set it up when I got it. I'd do it again, but I don't have the money right now. I know how to set it up once I get the stuff in tune, He taught me to set the intonation and stuff.

EDIT: And if when I adjust the Springs.. do I Tighten the screws or loosen them?
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Personally I'd just take the guitar to the local guitar shop and ask them to set it up for whatever tuning I prefer.
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Loosen the springs. Next, I would advise .10s. While 9s are technically fine, they really go sharp when you lock the nut, and it can put it out of range of your fine tuners.
Unlock the locks at the nut, tune using the tuning machines, adjust the springs in the back to level the tension, lock the strings in pairs, and re tune using the fine tuners.
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I would certainly hope your using 10's
Its evident you play metal which obviously... 10's are much better for. But anyway... about the whole tuning thing...

Yes obviously you've gotta adjust the spring tension.. but you should prop the bridge up with something. I use a drum stick, and put it between the body and bridge. But yes, you should do that, then tune down.. then loosen the screws, tune again... loosen a bit... tune again... and continue accurately with that process till the item slips right out from the bridge. Then the spring and string tension should be the same. The.End
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