ive been playing guitars a few years now and over the last few months i dont feel ive progressed in my playing i think this is due mainly to my life getting a lot busier but i still do have time to practice but most the time when i pick up my guitar and start playing i find myself getting frustrated and im rly not sure why and i end up just putting the guitar down was wondering if anyone could give me some advice to help solve this? cheers x
Find something, fun and easy to do. It'll make you want to play again, plus it won't be that hard. That's what I tend to do.

Just kinda mess with some melody stuff too if that's your fancy.
Different things can fix this for different people. But it DOES happen a **** load. When it first started happening to me, I found playing with another guitarist really helped. Bounce off eachother, make some songs together. Play with harmonizing and melody. Trade tricks and ideas. It really helped me when I was in that rut.
cheers for the ideas i mean it just annoies the hell outta me coz i do love playing and i know i do and sometimes ill pick up my guitar and just play for hours and it could just be messing round with simple chord sequences but lately ive found that either just before i have to go out to say work or colelge for example and when i do have a few hours free its more like forcing myself...ill definatly try arranging something with a friend thanks for the ideas if anyone has anymore feel free to post them and ill try let u know how i get on with the ones so far