I have been wanting a taylor for quite some time after I picked up an 810 and fell in love with it......problem is im a poor college student and cant afford a high end one.......has anyone played or does ne one own the 110 or the 210 and if so do they live up to the taylor name or are u better off going with something else....also if u have played both is there a huge difference even between the two ( the 110 and 210 I mean not the low and high end models)
In my opinion, the 110 is not worth the money. As for the 210, its gonna depend if youre getting a new or used one as they recently changed the 200 series from a solid back and sides to a laminate back and sides construction.
If youre thinking of a 110 or a new 210 id suggest looking at something else, if you can get your hands on a pre-2006 210 then it may definitely be worth it.
I have a 214 (I hate dreadnaughts, but thats just me) from when they made the 200 series all solid but without electronics and I love it, it sounds an plays incredible. If it would be possible to get a 210 from a few years back then do it
Alvarez might be worth looking at in your price range, as would be higher end Takamines.
While theres no doubt that theyre not bad guitars by any means. I dont really think they are as good value for money as they should be. Still they play nice.
And I agree, the more expensive taylors are the nicest guitars Ive ever played
if you're a poor college student try looking at yamaha. i love my yamaha! pretty good quality and sound for less than the taylor.
Taylor's are great. I have a koa taylor. In my openion they are the best made. If I were you I would at least go with the 300 series.