So I'm going to be getting 2 12 inch Sony Xplod Subwoofers (380 RMS) and was wondering what kind of amp I should get...

I have a Kenwood KDC-MP3035 deck right now and am looking at 2 6x9's in the future.

So any help would be appreciated as I have no idea how to match an amp to subs
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When you choose an amp buy one that has alot of headroom, a 400watt amp would be able to power a 380 watt sub, but you'd be pushing it to the edge, kindoff like how a guitar amp gets naturall distortion when you crank, except you don't want distorted subs. I'm assuming each sub is 380watts, so get an amp that can produce 500-600 watts per channel at the correct imedance. If your going to have subs it would be best to have a biamped system, so it would go CD deck-> crossover-> amps. Then you have seperate amps for your mains and subs, and the crossover would feed low frequencies to the subs and the mid to high frequencies to the mains. That way you don't send any high frequencies to the subs that could damage them, and you don't send any low frequencies to the mains which will help them perform better.
Id be thinking about a 400-600W amp: Kenwood are making some half decent cheapies these days. Id also reconsider the Xplods- they tend to develop a buzzing after a while which clearly sucks. As with all car audio, shops have ridiculous sales where you can pick up a massive bargain (like 40% off RRP). Save your pennies and get a quality system like you'd see in Pimp My Ride- the world's largest subwoofer that commandeers the back seats and is pointed directly at the back of my head?? Yes please!!
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