my buddies dad built a guitar. it sounds GREAT, BUT theres a huge problem! it gets out of tune just sitting there in a matter of minutes. it's probably a really easy fix, i just dont know how. someone please bail me out!

thanks in advance!
i would probably think either lube the nut or just change the tuning keys....but ill wait for someone elses advice on that one
Well lubing the nut wouldn't do anything, but it's possible the tuners may need replacing.

If the strings are new, then be aware that enw strings take a while to 'settle in,' and will often wander out of tune. They should get more stable as they get a little older.

Otherwise there is either a problem with the tuner or a problem with the way the string is 'tied' to the tuner. If it's incorrectly wound then it can slip, and this would cause it to go out of tune. OR the tuning peg may be rotating under the stress of the strings, in which case there's not a lot you can do.

Have a look on google for how to string an acoustic, see if you can spot any of the problems I've described above,
Yeah, if you recently replaced the strings, then it could be just the new strings stretching out on the guitar. If that is the problem, wait a couple days and the strings will stay in tune.
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hey thanks alot for th advice guys!
its not the new strings... i guess he'll have to take it in somewhere. give them the headache of fixing it!