i play thrash metal like metallica and megadeth... i have a ****ty solid state randall half stack... not enuff gain... should i use clean channel with good distortion pedal OR use ****ty overdrive channel with a boost pedal and recommend pedal... ive been using a pedal and want to get a better tone... dont know if i should buy a metal muff or get a boost pedal like my guitar teacher said..he said amp distortion is always better.
Solid States don't take boosts well, as OD/Boost pedals are meant to push tubes harder. I would consider a distortion like the AMT Extreme III (its like a boxed Recto) or Metal Muff if thats your thing. Its like adding another channel to your amp. Of course you could just upgrade your amp, which would be a better option, even if it takes some saving.
Id say use teh clen channel with a pedal like the Digitech Death Metal distortion or a Boss MT-2. or find a used Keely DS-1. But i would upgrade to a tube amp of some sort, any sort really.