Alright, I'm currently playing a Fender American Deluxe Telecaster through a MG100dfx. I know the Marshall is awful, i've experianced that first hand..
I'm improving as a guitarist and am becoming alot more of a tech head, so i've been fiddling around with tone and just can't get a tone I like without it getting lost in the bass.. (if that makes any sense)
So i was just wondering if anyones got any good amp settings for Marshalls, or any foolproof guide I could follow in getting a great tone I like myself..?
I do realise that the MG series isn't fantastic so i'm not hoping for miracles, but I must be able to improve on this..
Any other pedals/multi-fx units I can get?
I've been told that getting loads of pedals is a waste of time unless you're playing through a Valve amp?
I also use a Boss OS-2 for my distortion & overdrive sounds, & can't get a great sound out of this either.. i'm unfortunately on a tightish budget so I can't go out & buy a nice JCM.

Fender American Deluxe Telecaster
Marshall JCM800
Boss Tu-2, Os-2, DD-3
oh and by the way I kinda play a mix of bloc party, alexisonfire, brand new, lostprophets, paramore.. if that's any help.
Fender American Deluxe Telecaster
Marshall JCM800
Boss Tu-2, Os-2, DD-3
at the moment bass is on 1
mids on 3
treble on 3
contour on 1

in o clock posistions.. i've been told to scoop mids to avoid the guitar getting lost in the bass..

Fender American Deluxe Telecaster
Marshall JCM800
Boss Tu-2, Os-2, DD-3
..What? You've been told wrong. By scooping mids, you ARE getting lost in the bass.

Think of the drums as a "treble" instrument, in the live mix - due to their cymbals and snares.
The bassd is obviously a "bass" instrument in the mix.
The mids are left to keyboard and guitar....

BTW, 12 o'clock is considered the middle of your control's sweep, right, as you relay this info to me?

Contour is a mid-cut, right? That should be back quite a bit, maybe to 9 o'clock.

Turn your treble and mids up. I have my mids around 4 o'clock, at least. I put my treble at about 3. And then dial your bass back to about 10 o'clock.
yeah 12 in the middle was how I was referring it..
contour i always adjusted last cause I never knew what it did.
i looked at definitions & asked people & that never gave anything away..
i'll try your suggestion in the morning.. it's 1am here (uk) & i don't think my family would appriciate me tweaking at this hour..thanks alot man!
Fender American Deluxe Telecaster
Marshall JCM800
Boss Tu-2, Os-2, DD-3
damn, i saw Paramore & Brand New at Reading Festival and that's the only time i've had the pleasure of seeing them.. I've had to sell Brand New tickets before due to holidays, illness etc. Paramore are coming to the UK in Feb so i'm happy about that..
Brand New probably won't tour in the UK for a good 2/3 years now
thanks for the tone help man, it's sounding pretty sweet now. x
Fender American Deluxe Telecaster
Marshall JCM800
Boss Tu-2, Os-2, DD-3
Yeah, Paramore put on a good show.

Glad to hear the EQ change helped - it's a good rule of thumb that for pop-punk and the like, there's lots of mids and treble. Since it's a passive EQ, all you're rteally doing when you turn turn the knob is cut frequencies, so feel free to push the mids or treble up all the way, to hear your amp full blown.
Also, I wouldn't turn the gain that much past 1 o'clock. Brand New's tone is a lot from fuzz boxes, or naturally overdriven AC30's - based on what my live experience with them. Not a real high gain sound.
Paramore's guitarists used more gain, I've seen them with Mesa Dual Rectos. It's a pretty dry kind of sound, to me ears, but pretty treble-y, nonetheless.
yeah brand new have a fantastic sound, i have to agree with the observations you've made there..

same with paramore i like there sound cause it's simple, Josh Farro doesn't twiddle to much, i think he's very much a plug & play kinda guy..
I've seen them with Mesa's through Mesa's & Marshalls through Mesa stacks (Marshalls more lately) but yeah more a fan of Brand New's tone.. i'ma perhaps buy a fuzz box off of ebay just to try one out..
what sorta setup do you have?
Fender American Deluxe Telecaster
Marshall JCM800
Boss Tu-2, Os-2, DD-3
There's not much more than the people who already posted have said, other than that you ought to sell that overgrown amp and get a nice little tube combo that does your guitar justice. An American Tele into an MG is just a waste of nice guitar.
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I use a Traynor YCV40 2x10" amp, "modded" with KT-77 tubes. This gives it a distinctly more punchy and British tone than the stock amp, which uses 6L6 tubes. Huge, 3-D sounding cleans, with sparkle, yet a warm bottom end. The EQ I use is similar to the one I told ya.

I use an Epi SG with some Seymour Duncan pickups in there, and some switches and electronic mods on it to give me more variety. I installed a treble bleed switch, for smoother volume control. This allows me to clean up my tone, when I want superb cleans, and keep the high end. I have series/parallel switches, for when I want a cleaner, more single coil like tone, too. Then I use .033uF caps, for a different kind of treble roll off when i roll my tone control down all the way. Then I use pure nickel guitar strings and 1 mm Dunlop Tortex Sharps, for a nice sharp attack to my tone, and a warm bottom end. Using the tone controls and the volume controls gives me a huge variation on my tone.

As for pedals, I use a Fulltone '69 clone I built for fuzzy tones. It's delicious, gritty, and aggressive. And then I have a Dallas Rangemaster clone I built, too, for my solo boosts. I also own a severely modded Crybaby wah, but I haven't used it for any band practices yet.

I mostly just use my amp's clean channel + fuzz...but I sometimes use the OD channel, when I want to get heavy. I never turn my gain past 1 o'clock, though.
yeah my mate is selling his JCM 900 to me for £150!
so i'll prolly buy that & get a nice orange 2x12 or marshall 4x12 to put it through!
Fender American Deluxe Telecaster
Marshall JCM800
Boss Tu-2, Os-2, DD-3