I've been considering getting some new gear for a while. I have a Fender strat squire and a Fender 15G amp. I play heavy rock, alternative, just about anything from gun's and roses to mudvayne and lamb of god. So no, this guitar does not really agree with me. Now to get the sound i want i was considering either getting a better amp, or a nice guitar with some humbuckers in it. I am on such a small budget that i can only afford either an amp or a guitar, not both, so does any body have any suggestions on which i should get, or maybe some brands or model? it would really help a lot.
Try a LP copy.
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Thats a tough one seeing as the amp ang guitar are pretty much equal in suckiness, hahah, i kid. But I would probably get a new amp. My friend has the same setup as you and when he plugs his Squier Strat into my amp it accually sounds pretty decent. Squiers can sound pretty good when plugged into an amp. I'd check out an Epiphone valve junior, everyone seems to rave about thema dn I've tried them before and really like them.
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