im looking to get a new guitar. had a fender start type model for a couple of years but want to start playing more technically so looking for something a bit more versatile... 24 frets, light, fast/flat neck etc...heard ibanez are good for this sorta thing but its my first real guitar purchase so if anyone could point me towards specific models, that would be great.
price range of around £600 max

I beleieve an Ibanez RG would be in order, possibly an RG321. Jackson has some good guitars, but the Locking trems on em arent too good. Maybe an Ibanez SZ would work as well. Not as hard to set up as its a hard tail.
I have a Jackson DK2M and it's a dream. Fast neck, good tone [for cleans and crunches], and 24 frets, too. The LFR on it isn't bad either [if set up properly]. My guitar doesn't really go out of tune. I think it might be a little heavy though in comparison to some Ibanez guitars I've tried out which were really really light.