ok so i think i now have an idea of what i want to do.

i have gone off the idea of pluging straght in to my laptop and am gonna mic up my amp instead, so i have just ordered:

Shure PG57
Hosa XLR (F) - Stereo Metal 1/4 Phono, 10 ft.

And before i order anymore stuff i just want to make sure its the correct stuff and it will work.

so idea.

guitar>>MT-2>>Amp>>Shure PG57>>ART Tube MP(preamp??)>>Behringer FCA202>>Laptop>>audio Editing software

Now is this the correct way to do things?
If not please tell me how to do it

its all very confusing i have read all the stickys but only slightly more understand.

Thanks james
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come one guys someone must know the answer, 40+ views and now replys, i realy need to know.
You need some form of input to get your guitar and/or amp into the computer.
best way to go is with an interface which is what that Behringer unit is there.

I'm sure that interface will work ok but I suggest a toneport USB interface or some other firewire interface in place of your Behringer unit as I don't trust that brand for much of their recording gear.......

Shure PG series mics are nothing like the SM series and I suggest you upgrade to the SM57 with a pop filter in the not to distant future. You'll be shocked by how much of an improvement you'll have.

That Behringer interface doesn't have a preamp on board so you will need the ART one you are looking at. Just don't expect a lot of great sound to come out of such a cheap preamp....once again, it will work though.

Does your laptop have a firewire port?
get good firewire cable (anything around $5 or more)

Toneports from Line6 have more inputs than the Behringer interface there and have a preamp on board along with guitar mod. software which sounds great from what I've heard.

You can run your guitar without an amp, you can run your mic without any ART preamp and you can mic your amp with the line6 and a mic.

Overall I Suggest a Toneport UX series interface and a Shure SM57 mic with pop filter for vocals.

The Toneport interfaces come with a copy of Ableton Live but everyone says its not great so I suggest Cubase or Audacity be used instead.

BTW, what budget are we looking at here?

if you want a nice firewire interface have a look at this:

or this recording pack:

If you have 200$ for an interface the mackie is the way to go, great unit.
Shure SM57 mics are $100 a pop without any XLR mic cable so be sure to pick one of those up.
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ok so i realy like the look of that mackie it looks just like what i want.
im pretty sure i know the answer already (yes) but before i go spending my cash i just want to conferm that this box is all i need along with my mic?

im not gonna change my mic for the time being im not realy that seriuos about recording yet, ill see how it goes, then if im not happy with the sound quality ill upgrade then.

thanks for the help, james
the answer is "pretty much, yeah"