I just purchased a Jackson RR24 (shutup, I know lots of people hate this guitar. I love it, except for the absence of a neck pickup... and I might replace the EMG..), and now my disgustingly horrible B.C. Rich Beast is useless.

It's got some offbrand pickups and tuners that can't stay in tune for ****, the pointy 'wings' constantly get in the way, it's heavy as a mug, I hate the shape, and... well everything SUCKS about it.

But it's my only fixed bridge guitar. And until I get the explorer I be wantin', I'm stuck with that for alternate tunings... So I've decided to de-crap it. I just need your guys' advice for a couple things like what kind of pickups I should install, whether reshaping the body and applying a new coat of paint is worth it, how to fix/replace the tuners and which ones I should buy if i need to replace them, etc etc.

Any suggestions?
get grover tuners. pserzel locking are just not necesary cuz its fixed bridge. repaint it. Get EMG 81/85. do whatever you want, or make it look rusted (hit it forwards the wall in certains points to get the paint off, break in half the knobs or take them out, get the tip out of the pickup switch toogle and leave just the metal stick).

you wont be using it in a little time, so it will be your experiment and 3rd backup guitar.

btw, get an EX-400