I live in the great white north. Actually Niagara region, so it doesnt get too white but anyways, I was in the market for a new amp, sold an MG half stack, and thank god, i got a good price on it, that payed for my Traynor YCV40 i just bought.

I played a hotrod deluxe, and deville, and kept coming back to the Traynor. i like the 3 band eq on each channel too.

anyways, I've got a boss BF-3 Flanger and small practice amp i am trying to get rid of, and with that money, i would like to go the BYOC route.

My question is, I would like to get a bit heavier of a distortion out of it if i could, like a metal type of thing almost,

would the tube screamer be able to help me achieve this. either with my clean channel, or combined with my overdrive as an extra boost?

i play an epiphone les paul gold top, with the P90s in it.