I'm an intermediate/advanced player, been playing for 6 years, 14 years old. I've quit 3 bands because of inconsistency in scheduling, uncooperative bandmates, drugs and alcohol being introduced, etc.

I'm just looking for a versatile band that will play stuff like Metallica, AC/DC, dip down for some alternative here and there, and has some composing ability. Hoping on having my first gig within the next few months, so no beginners, please?
Everything you just said is exactly what I'm interested in. I play guitar and my sister plays drums, and we wanted to start a band and get some gigs at the duck room or something. i quit my last band because everyone except for the bassist sucked. also, both me and my sister have been playing music for 12 years. im 14 and shes 16. and we are very interested in composing/recording
i'm loving the sound of that. i'm in a thrash metal band out of Florissant/Hazelwood called Fateful Hour. i do guitar/vocals and Carlos does bass, we actually just canned our other guitarist and we still need a drummer. we're both 17 if you don't mind about age, but we're not into pressuring people into doing stuff they don't want to. i've been playing for about 6 years also and left a band but about a year ago for those exact reasons. i'm not exactlly sure how long Carlos has been playing, but he's played in a recording/live performing band previously. we've got some material written but we'll have to go back and work out some of the 'little' stuff our former guitarist wrote.

well drop me an e-mail if you're interested. xkovacsx@gmail.com
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