Im sorry this is in the wrong place but i never get any responce in the riff and recording.

ok so i think i now have an idea of what i want to do.

i have gone off the idea of pluging straght in to my laptop and am gonna mic up my amp instead, so i have just ordered:

Shure PG57
Hosa XLR (F) - Stereo Metal 1/4 Phono, 10 ft.

And before i order anymore stuff i just want to make sure its the correct stuff and it will work.

so idea.

guitar>>MT-2>>Amp>>Shure PG57>>ART Tube MP(preamp??)>>Behringer FCA202>>Laptop>>audio Editing software

Now is this the correct way to do things?
If not please tell me how to do it

its all very confusing i have read all the stickys but only slightly more understand.

Thanks james