I have to do a current events project for school. I need an event that happened outside the US that impacts the global community.

Now, did google, but found nothing that interesting, and knowing the pit, I'm sure I'll get some funny articles.

Oh and they have to have happened this week.
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And the school system thinks they have to whitewash everything for kids this is important stuff going on they can't keep this kind of thing from you.
How about that Polish getting tasered to death by the RCMP in Vancouver. Thats pretty big news in Poland and here in Canada right. Pretty controversial subject. Just google "mantsered in Vancouver" or something.
what about the major strikes in France and Germany? Both in public transport and in France also the students.
In pakistan the government is doing some bad things: jailing protestors, jailing leaders of non-government organisations, ....
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Madeline Mccann is either dead... or dying!


This country seriously needs some more news.

It's like err so Madeline McCann, yeah she's still missing.
Oh and you know that bird flu? That's back.
Umm.. and now for the sport!
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