well i made a thread about getting a 5150 the other day, but i realized my bank account is being mean and i can only afford to spend around $1,200cdn on a half stack (both the head & cab with that budget, i know im screwed lol). well ive dreamt of owning something powerful and quite when nothings being played (i hate white noise) my marshall mg30d was horrible for that. i need some help. im obviously going to do research but i need somewhere to start

so my question is, im going to a bunch of places tomorrow, and id like to know if you guys know of any pretty decent halfstacks that dont top $1,200cdn. i hear randalls are good for that. but i need some recommendations on a good heavy metal with decet cleans thats loud and has minimal amounts of white noise. i know im asking for alot lol but any advice? thanks.

sorry for totally butchering the grammar, im tired.
From my gear-buying experience, I'd just say wait. Figure out the issue with your money and get what you really wanted. Its SO important to get what you really want when you're buying music-related gear. Its not something you want to just settle on because you will always know the different.

So thats my two cents... be patient and get what you really wanted.
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Why do you need a halfstack? You can get 5150 combos on Ebay for $600-$700 US, and at 60 watts tube, they're more than loud enough for anyone. The cleans are rather mediocre, but a good chorus pedal does wonders for cleans.